About the Foundation/Tournament

The Golf Canada Foundation’s mission is to raise and grant funds for the advancement of golf in Canada. The Foundation launched an innovative program in 2004 to provide grants to qualified Canadian universities and colleges for the purpose of increasing their golf team’s opportunities, while providing improved training and assistance to students through scholarships. By supporting university and college golf programs in Canada and increasing the number of scholarship opportunities available to students, we are helping to build quality varsity golf programs and future community leaders. Canadian academic institutions will be able to continue to attract some of our best young golfers and empower them to achieve the strength of mind and character necessary for success in their careers.

The Links to Education Invitational provides the platform to achieve the fundraising goal of the Golf Canada Foundation while offering participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience at an exclusive golf course. Your support of the Links to Education Invitational is needed to fund the Foundation, which will allow it to continue to develop students within Canada’s #1 sport. Your experience will include two days at the Öviinbyrd golf course, as well as luxury accommodations at Sherwood Inn, gourmet cuisine, remarkable scenery, and fabulous entertainment, all to aid in the growth of golf in Canada. 

This site will provide all the information you need to prepare for this outstanding event!